I find a way to butcher everything. (skinnyties) wrote in lankyboys,
I find a way to butcher everything.

my share.

Hello community.

I personally *do* know fantastically lanky guy classsmates, but I can't go around posting their pictures :::le sigh:::

There were loads of lanky folks in the September2004 issue of GQ, including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Liam Gallagher, etc etc. I took pictures of my favorites (I don't have a scanner)...they're all resized, obviously.

title or description
Beck Hansen

title or description

And last but not least, my object of infatuation:

title or description
Alexander Kapranos
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the second one is SEXYY
The second one is sexiest. He also wears aviators. I wonder if he's photoshopped? In any case, I hope he's gay, because, i'm quite positive that he is my long lost brother. I'm all for incest.
nice comment. Well I don't know, he looks to much like a horse actually.
A horse? How dare you! He's a stallion at least. I bet you wouldn't call him in a horse if he had his face between your legs. You'd be yelling, 'oh, some guy, you stallion you!'I know i would : )
he def does not look like a horse i mean look at thoes cheek bones