frostiblack (frostiblack) wrote in lankyboys,

Hello lovelies, just joined the community.
I'm a 19 year old Canadian guy who is, yes, quite lanky.
Even the concept of this community turns me on beyond belief ;)
Just wanted to say hello... so, hello.


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dear, i am quite pleased to see you here.
i did not realize that you were too lanky.
myself am about 6'3 and 160lbs but you canadians do metric justice.

where in canada are you from anyway, it it by michigan?
that would be neat.
however your appearance in this community is just as neat
Ah, yes. I'm a ways from Michigan... Alberta to be exact. I grapple a little with the word lanky, as it implies height that I do not have... I'm 5'4, and 110lbs. But I looked at my hip-bones and collar-bones, and thought, what the hell. *This* is lank. So here I am!

What a pleasure to see you!

i like you! =D
very nice...
and you're only 5'4? me too! now i really like you!
2)Yay shorties!
3)You're pretty rad yourself.

Much love.

God I take forever to comment.

It would have been so nice if I could have seen more of your collarbone. You have really nice hair in your user icon, too.

And you seem like a really nice guy.
AND I just noticed your name was Kent - I'm assuming your "real" name is Kenneth.

I've had quite an infatuation on a boy named Kent for quite a while now.