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Lanky Boys

The Bright Side of Starvation

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All Members , Moderated
Main Entry: lanky
Pronunciation: 'la[ng]-kE
Function: adjective
: ungracefully tall and thin

This is not a rating community.
this is just to post pictures of yourself if you are lanky and a boy, as the title would suggest.

1) If you choose to post pictures, you will not be judged harshly on your appearance. If anyone calls you ugly i will smack them silly or something like that.
2.) please keep your pics behind a LJ cut because it really fucks up your friends page when you have hugeass pictures being posted by communities or friends, and then everyone will hate you
3.) please, no advertising, unless it's relevant to the community, if you post shitloads of pics, i'll look the other way
4.) no nudity, because peni are scary.
5.) you can post links to your pictures. but don't post any to that site where you have to click the [OK] button like 50 times.

Questions? comments or suggestions should be emailed to mummpo1@hotmail.com,
i am always looking for feedback.